To date, in the field of e-commerce, the NGO “UCEP” has analyzed all the updated EU legislation that affects e-commerce, but it is not included in the updated Annex XVIII-3. In addition to this study, there is also Baker Tilly’s analysis of the e-commerce market in Ukraine, the main focus of which was the economic analysis of the e-commerce market and its constant dynamic growth. Currently, there is no analysis of the proposed EU changes to eIDAS v2 in the field of EU trust services.

This report is devoted to the analysis of the proposed changes to eIDAS v2 both in Ukraine and in the EU. Further consideration of these changes by Ukraine is expedient in order to accelerate the conclusion of an intergovernmental agreement on mutual recognition of trust services.



Andrii Melashchenko (PhD)

Peer review:

Anastasia Hrechko (PhD)