The World Values ​​Survey (WVS) is a long-term comparative research initiated in 1981 by Professor Ronald Inglehart of the University of Michigan (USA) based on the European Values ​​Survey (EVS) and it quickly became one of the most widely used and authoritative international researches, which covers almost 120 countries/societies (almost 95% of the world’s population). Ukraine joined the World Values ​​Survey (WVS) in 1999 (the fourth wave of the WVS), and participated in the following waves: the fifth in 2006 and the sixth in 2011, and in addition, The European Values ​​Survey (EVS) was conducted in Ukraine in 1996 and in 2008.

The aim of the project is to assess the impact that stability or change of values ​​over time has on the social, political and economic development of countries and societies.