Today, the revision of the Energy Strategy of Ukraine for the period until 2035 “Security, Energy Efficiency, Competitiveness” (hereinafter – the Energy Strategy) is underway – a comprehensive document that defines the goals of the development of the national energy system in new conditions, the priority of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and the transition to renewable energy sources, as well as the development of a number of new strategic documents at the intersection of policies in the fields of energy, economy and environmental protection within the framework of fulfilling Ukraine’s European integration obligations.

The purpose of this work is to analyze the current state of energy planning at the regional level, analyze the methodological foundations of local energy planning in the European Union, assess the goals and objectives facing the energy sector of the country as a whole, and on which local authorities should rely when preparing development plans local energy systems, as well as the development of a methodology for the preparation of local energy planning documents (strategies and action plans), which would be aimed at achieving the goals of the national Energy Strategy and other documents at the country level. In the future, it is planned to verify the received methodology at the level of a separate pilot region of Ukraine in order to verify the stated methodological assumptions and proposed indicators, as well as the preparation of a pilot energy strategy and action plan.


Ukrainian Centre for European Policy