The Ukrainian Centre for European Policy conducted a study on the implementation of EU Directives in Ukraine related to driving licences.

The study found that:

  1. Renewal of driving licence for drivers of the 1st group (every 10 or 15 years, depending on the decision of the country) is only an administrative measure and does not require additional testing (exams).
  2. Ukraine is not obliged to introduce a microchip in the driving licence. The provision “to further increase the level of protection against counterfeiting” in the implementation plan developed by the Cabinet of Ministers has no legal basis. Provisions on microchips are not provided for in Council Directive 91/439/EEC and currently not all EU Member States have such a microchip in their driving licence.
  3. Ukraine is not obliged to introduce a full medical examination for drivers of the 1st group during the issuance/renewal/extension of validity of driving licences, while for drivers of the 2nd group there is such an obligation.
  4. Renewal of the driving licence after the implementation of the Directives will be:

    Group 1 – 10 – 15 years

    Group 2 – 5 years

  5. Following the implementation of the Directives, the rules for commercial transport drivers will change. They will now have to obtain a certificate of professional competence, on the basis of which the harmonized Community code “95” will be added to the driver’s licence. Drivers will also be required to regularly demonstrate their professional competence.

Read in more detail in the full study.