In 2005, the Law “On ensuring equal rights and opportunities for women and men” entered into force in Ukraine. Nevertheless, after almost 15 years, the unequal representation of women and men in the labor market in general and in certain industries and positions, unequal pay, and stereotypes regarding the distribution of responsibilities in care work are still present. In addition, the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU in 2015 requires bringing individual programs at the national level into compliance with EU program documents, such as Directive 2000/43/EC on the implementation of the principle of equal treatment of persons regardless of racial or ethnic origin, 2000/78/EC on the establishment of general rules of equal treatment in the field of employment and professional activity, 2010/18/EC on the implementation of the revised framework agreement on parental leave.

This study aims to summarize the changes that have taken place in the labor market in Ukraine from the point of view of overcoming inequality based on gender and to outline problematic issues, situations of consolidation and reproduction of inequality. The study uses a comparison of Ukraine and Lithuania, since both countries have the experience of transition from the Soviet planned economic system to a market one, which in the context of research and comparison of the gender of the labor market in both countries gives reason to assume common features in both countries both in legislative initiatives and in perception of the issue of gender inequality in the labor market among the population.



Tetiana Kostyuchenko

Sociologist, researcher