We invite you to take part in the expert discussion on the topic “The Western Balkans’ Path to the EU: Lessons for Ukraine”. The event will be organized by the NGO Ukrainian Centre for European Policy (UCEP). It will be held online on November 9 at 10 am (UTC+2).

At the event, there will take place presentation of the key findings of the relevant UCEP study on the analysis of the experience of selected Western Balkans countries, which are now candidate countries for EU membership and have already passed certain stages of this process. The key lessons learned by the Balkan countries from this process have become the basis for recommendations that will be useful to Ukraine as a country that has recently obtained a candidate status and is at the beginning of this path.

In particular, the recommendations relate to the development of effective communication with both Brussels and individual EU member states on the elimination of political obstacles on the way of Ukraine’s accession to the EU, as well as better understanding and effective passage of the purely bureaucratic accession procedure (based on the updated EU enlargement methodology for the Western Balkans). However, the key block of recommendations will be based on the identification and avoidance of the main mistakes made by the Balkan countries during the accession process, as well as the identification of those steps which, on the contrary, contributed to progress in accession negotiations with the official EU and the most influential EU member states.